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Bruce spent much of his youth either on boats or on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. He started writing at an early age and in his teens began combining his words to the music that he was composing on both the piano and the guitar. In his early 20's he set out on the road and spent a number of years traveling around the country writing songs and performing in any tavern or coffee house that would have him. The many out of the ordinary situations and characters that he encountered during those years give him an insight into life that few people possess. This unique combination of creativity and individualism is reflected in his songs which are sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes ambiguous and sometimes charged with emotion. The one constant that they all share is Bruce's distinctive view of the world and the obvious fact that they were all written from the heart. When the time came to settle down Bruce returned to the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. He founded two companies, "BRM (Boat Rock'n Music) Records" and "Heeled-Over Publishing." Out of the more than 160 copyrighted songs that he has written it was only natural that a number of them would be influenced by his love of boating in general, sailing in particular, and basically just being out on the water. His debut CD entitled, "Stinkpot & Rags," exemplifies both his love of the water and his skills as a singer/songwriter. Many others are discovering his talents as well and in 1998, Bruce and his crew were the featured performing act in welcoming the sailboats of the, "Whitbread ‘Round the World Sailboat Race," to Baltimore's famous Inner Harbor. He also provided the entertainment at a press release party which was held to announce the event. The party featured such dignitaries as the Governor of Maryland and The Mayor of Baltimore City, as well as a host of other elected officials, business leaders and media people from around the world. He has been featured on the WMAR morning news program, "Wake Up Baltimore," in the "Baltimore Sun," Newspaper and many other smaller publications. In that same year he also had small roles in the John Waters' film, "Pecker," and the critically acclaimed television show, "Homicide, Life On The Streets." Although Bruce now spends much of his time promoting his recording he still sails the Chesapeake, finding inspiration for new songs in every cove and creek that he explores.
Bruce’s Bio
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